2022 Decathlon

7:20:55 AM2022
Australian Open: Upsets!
So there are 292 Decathletes this year. The 8 remaining women at the tournament were picked a combined just 233 times. Djokovic, for comparison, was picked 232 times. Props to Shadynasty's who was the only of us to select 4 of the women quarterfinalists.

What is earning points right now??
  • NHL (~couple weeks, last Jan17)
  • NBA (~couple weeks, last Jan15)
  • College Basketball (~couple weeks, last Jan18)
  • NFL Playoffs(nightly)
  • Tennis (nightly)
  • English Premier League (every weekend)
  • Champions League (on hiatus til knockouts in Feb)

    On the Horizon:
  • Champions League Knockouts in Feb
  • Daytona500 Feb19

    On Hiatus:
  • Golf is dark until the Masters (Apr)
  • College sports restart with March Madness

    (note to returners: Your 2022 MLB regular season picks continue to accrue points all the way through the World Series, but that is it for the 2021/2022 Decathlon. You can Switch Season to view last year's team and standings)

    Q from a Decathlon rookie:
    Can I change my picks? If so, How?
    Yes, you may change your picks at any point up until those picks lock. For example, if you want to change your NBA picks...
    ...choose Make Picks from the left menu,
    ...scroll to NBA and select it,
    ...update your picks and hit Save!

    You can submit, change and resubmit as often as you like up to the lock deadline.

    LATE PICKS: if you miss a deadline, email valid picks to sportsdecathlon@yahoo.com ASAP. Minimum penalty of 15pts per day (possibly more) will be assigned based on the timestamp of when we receive your email. You are disqualified from a top-5 finish in an event in which you receive a penalty.
  • Tribe: State of MN
    #   Team Soccer PGA Tennis NCAA-F* Ovals NFL MLB NHL NBA NCAA Total
    1   NonameBret 564 315 380 781 300 780 127 328 392 79 4046
    2   Warden’s Dilemma 645 275 230 652 334 692 97 346 368 77 3716
    3   Ron Barr All Stars 606 275 305 633 292 597 127 322 394 80 3631
    4   Pitter Patter 599 290 245 650 203 566 151 344 386 73 3507

    * Event is Completed