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About the Decathlon:

The Sports Decathlon is a year-plus long fantasy sports experience.
We are not about daily roster management, nor are we about crazy stat manipulations, altho we love both those things. The Decathlon is about picking winners.
As you could probably guess from the name, there are ten events. Usually, we cover PGA, MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, ATP/WTA, Racing (Auto and Horse), NCAA-Football, NCAA-OtherSports and Soccer.
Like the game Othello, it's easy to understand and impossible to master.
Like the play Othello, it's hard to understand and a definite tragedy.

Picks are made online about 40 times per year. In most events you pick your teams/players at the beginning of the season and they last you the whole year. In racing events, you pick before each race. In many events there are 'regular season' picks and 'post season picks'. Teams/players you pick accumulate points throughout the year.
Scores are updated regularly and are available online.
A couple of examples:
  • NBA picks are before the season and again before the playoffs.
  • Champions League picks are made before the group stages and again before the knockouts.
  • Triple Crown picks are made just before each race. Horses are seeded according to Vegas odds, and you pick a group of horses within a seed budget - meaning you cannot pick all the favorites - and you earn points based on where (or if) your horses finish

  • Registration info
  • The season starts in August (registration and first picks) and lasts thru July. Final standings aren't known until the end of the MLB playoffs
  • The fee is 150 tacos per entry
  • We encourage partnerships with multiple owners pooling knowledge and risk. And blame.
  • Top 5 finishers for each event (e.g. the teams who accrue the most points in NFL) get 300, 250, 200, 175 and 150 tacos
  • Top ~10% of participants receive taco payouts.
  • There is no overhead other than our cost to collect plastic tacos; Decathlon Management pays to play same as everyone else and our picks are available to see same as everyone else.
  • Altho it is not required or expected, winners often tip - which we do appreciate.
  • If you're interested and it's early August, register now! If you caught us in the middle of a season, email us to be invited for next year's Decathlon!

  • Contact the Decathlon: